Combine Art-work And Necklaces

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Published: 15th September 2010
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Wearing necklaces is a great way to enhance your features and bring out the glow in your skin. There are several researches that show that necklaces have been in use since many ancient civilizations. The birth of these necklaces is believed to be in the Stone Age which means around fourty thousand years ago. In those days people used to wear necklaces that are made out of an invertebrate animal called mollusk. In the later years necklaces made of bones, stones, shells and also animal teeth became popular. Once the metals like gold, silver and platinum were discovered various models of necklaces were designed using these metals. The art of making necklaces is an interesting subject. It involves a detailed study of various metals and stones and also the combination of all these materials.

There are various types of necklaces that are available for both men and women in the market. However, more often women prefer to wear these necklaces. One of the most commonly used necklaces is the bib necklace. These necklaces are characterized by the way you tie them around your neck and the name bib as they look like bibs tied to the necks. These are fabulous models and are suited for women of all the age groups. These are available in various designs and models. One can find the bib necklaces made of stones and pearls. These necklaces are best for cocktail parties, holiday parties and many more. Another lovely model is the Choker necklace. This necklace is very short in length and it sits high on the neck. The chokers that are made of pearls are the best looking necklaces. These necklaces give a grand look and are best suited for wedding parties or any other grand occasions. Some of the other types of necklaces include the opera necklace, Sautoir or rope necklace, etc.

Another most commonly used variety of necklace is the uniform necklace. This model of necklace consists of pearls. These pearls although appear to be of same size have very slight variations. They have this difference towards the ends of the necklace so that they appear to be in a proportion. Various models of necklaces are made of various kinds of materials. Some of them use stones coupled with pearls while some use metals and various colored stones. Necklaces made up of stones are the most sought after. These stone studded necklaces have a great look and are very beautiful when worn. Another most commonly used necklace model is the pearl necklaces. These necklaces are very popular among the corporate job holders as they provide a sophisticated look which is very much needed at the work places. These pearl necklaces are also used for concerts and during events where there are large public gatherings. The necklaces that are made of metals like gold, silver and platinum are also very popular. The platinum necklace combined with various kinds of stones gives the necklaces a wonderful look. The necklaces that are made of gold and diamond go well with the formal attires. Necklaces also come in different sizes and lengths. The length of the necklace can be selected depending on the attire of the person. Necklaces are also often considered to be wonderful gift items. The necklaces can be gifted to your loved on various occasions.

The making of a necklace actually needs a lot of aesthetic sense. The designing of various varieties of necklaces using various metals and stones is considered to be great art. It is not an easy task when it comes to arranging the stones, pearls and other materials in the right proportions to make it into a beautiful necklace. One needs to have a good taste of various color schemes for making these necklaces because stones and metals of various colors are used in the manufacture of the necklaces.

Dianne Bray studied gemology as a second degree. This has led to her fascination for loose diamonds and diamond rings, in general. At present, she is a writer for concentrating on the trends and designer innovations revolving around diamond jewelry.

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